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The thermal transmittance is the unitary heat flux that passes through a constructive solution, and indicates the amount of heat exchanged with the outside.
The whole facade of a building, what are the weak point are the fitting holes. The thermal transmittance of the gap depends on two elements: carpentry and glazing. Both are important. For carpentry, thermal transmittance depends on the material, type of system, size of the aluminum joints and the geometry of the profiles and the insulating material. The choice of a glass solar control+low-emissive is the logical choice for your fittings with a thermal break solution.

Your aluminium fittings split the inside of the external environment in order to maintain this in comfortable environmental conditions in isolation from the cold, heat, wind and water. The flow of heat energy penetrates the window always in the direction of warmth into the cold, tending to equalize the temperature of both sides: this is because, conductive materials such as aluminum, serve as a bridge to the passage of heat.

Rods reinforced polyamide 6.6 with 25% fiber glass insulation material with low thermal conductivity, coupled with aluminum interior and exterior of the enclosure, is one of the most effective material for the thermal break at these, and avoid the transmittance of temperature inside the house. This is one of the few thermoplastics authorized by the European standard UNE-EN 12 024 (windows, doors and facades of light-mechanical resistance profiles with thermal break).

The advantages of using polyamide 6.6 with 25% fiberglass for the thermal break are:
  • has a small coefficient of expansion similar to aluminum.
  • A low coefficient of thermal transmission: 0.3 W / m ^ 2 K
  • High mechanical strength at elevated temperatures and aging.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Not deformed at temperatures below 200 degrees(c)
  • Inert to most chemicals.
  • Has a high resistance to stress corrosion.
It is important to emphasize the benefits of installing systems with thermal break:

>b>Maintenance and sealing: aluminum frames are virtually maintenance free(see instructions for use and maintenance) and provide a high sealing the wind and water. The addition of polyamide rods brings additional benefits without affecting the qualities of aluminum.
Comfort and protection: joiner systems with Thermal Break protects the inside of the house from the elements outside, creating warm and comfortable. You can create the same construction solutions using profiled cold range (sliding, hinged, tilt swing, etc.). Well adapted to any space and environment.
Energy saving: The Thermal Break can save up to 75% of the energy lost through a wood without RPT. To achieve total energy savings of the enclosure is not sufficient to single installation of double glazing, and that approximately 35% of the enclosure is carpentry. This energy saving, especially in the residential sector, is essential for reducing CO2 emissions.
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